Commitment and Contribution to Society
Sitting room 'Biathak' of Podar Haveli Museum, Nawalgarh
Podar Medical College - Bombay

The history of various charities of Podars began with the Anandilal Podar Charitable Society (Erstwhile the Anandilal Podar Education Society) founded in 1921 by a donation by Mr. Anandilal Podar of Rs. 2, 00,001 to Mahatma Gandhi for the Tilak Swaraj Fund. In recognition of the large donation and first by a businessman to the Tilak Swaraj Fund in the most turbulent and oppressive period of the country, Mahatma Gandhi agreed to be the first Chairman Trustee of the Society. The other founder Trustees of the Society were Mr. Madan Mohan Malviya, Mr. Jamanalal Bajaj and Mr. Anandilal Podar.

One of the main objectives of the Society was to spread Education, Measures for Health Care, Recreation etc. To give concrete shape to these objectives the society established various institutions bearing the name of Podars, presently numbering over 37 comprising of Schools, Post Graduate Colleges, the first Institute of Management in Rajasthan, Vocational Training Center, Labour Recreation Center, Ayurvedic Hospital of 260 Beds, Hostels, Ayurvedic Medical Research Center, Ayurvedic Post Graduate College, Deaf & Dumb School, Sports Pavilion, and Recreational Park etc.

Over 30,000 students are studying at present in the Institutions established by the Society.

The Institutions spread from:

Mahatma Gandhi - Father of Nation

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Anandilal Education Society, now renamed The Anandilal Podar Trust, signed by all four trustees. viz., Shri Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, Shri Jamnalal Bajaj and Shri Anandilal Podar, 2nd August 1922.

English version of original minutes
Signed by Gandhiji –

First chairman of the Podar Trust.
‘Shri Hari’
A meeting of ‘Anandilal Vidya Prachar Sanstha’ was held at the place of Pujya Mahatma Gandhiji (Labournam Road, Bombay) on Miti-Shravan Krishna 15, Samvat 1978, that is on August 2, 1922.

The names of the trustees present:
Mahatma Gandhiji, Pandit Madan Mohanji Malaviya, Seth Anandilalji Podar, Seth Jamnalalji Bajaj.

1. It was decided that the institution be named ’Shekhawati Brahmacharya Ashram’ and the trust be named ‘Anandilal Vidya Prachar Sanstha’, (Anandilal Education Society)
2. It was decided that the capital of Rs. 2,01,000 (Two lac one thousand), given by Shriyut Anandilalji for the development of education in Shekhawati and neighbouring region, be withdrawn from Tilak Swaraj Fund and deposited with the Capital of ‘Anandilal Vidya Prachar Sanstha’ in the name of the aforementioned four trustees.
3. It was decided that the capital be deposited in the name of the four trustees in whichever bank Shriyut Anandilalji and Jamnalalji found it appropriate.
4. It was decided that money could be withdrawn from the bank through the signature of these two gentlemen: Jamnalalji Bajaj and Anandilalji Podar.
5. It was decided that Shriyut Maganlalji Gandhi at Ahmedabad be written to prepare a scheme for studies.
6. It was decided that a Head Master be kept at Rs.150 (Rs .One Hundred Fifty) per month.
7. It was decided that in the event of inconvenience in organising meeting, the functioning be carried out by obtaining suggestions from
the trustees by post.
8. It was decided that Mahatma Gandhiji would be the President of this institution.