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Advisory and Consulting

Ours is the perfect blend of consulting with business acumen and relationships. Client base includes Fortune 50 companies


Podar Eduspace is the educational arm of Podar Enterprise having a range of initiatives ranging from programs.

Government Trade Houses

Probably the only group in the World to have this unique honor of being the Official Trade House of three Governments

Housing and Sanitation

Covestro (Formally Bayer Materialscience) and Podar Group (PACE) have joined as partners to bring in the durable & cost ...

Investments and Strategic Partnerships

Podars investment arm invests in promising opportunities all over the world. It many times compliments the Advisory arm ...

International Division

Coal, Coke, Fertilizers, Non-Ferrous Metals, Steel, Iron Ore, Oil and Oil Products, Food Products, Textiles, Fabric, Yarns...


The Podars have acquired a stake in the UAE based company Fourth Dimension International Limited.

Podars have been from the very beginning associated closely with Socio-Economic and to some extent political ...


The history of various charities of Podars began with the Anandilal Podar Charitable Society founded in 1921

The Growing competitions, rapidly changing technologies and the markets have changed the outlook...

Built in the year 1902 by Mr. Anandilal Podar, the Podar Haveli has excellent frescoes exceeding 750 in...

Mahatma Gandhi - Father of Nation

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Anandilal Education Society, now renamed The Anandilal Podar Trust, signed by all four trustees. viz., Shri Mahatma Gandhi, Shri Madan Mohan Malviya, Shri Jamnalal Bajaj and Shri Anandilal Podar, 2nd August 1922.

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