Podar to start ayurveda college in Benin

The Asian Age, 4 February, 2004

Mumbai, Feb. 3: Benin in West Africa wants to set up an ayurvedic center on the lines of Podar Medical College.

A team of four ministers visited the college on Tuesday. The center will offer short-term courses, recognized by the Central Council of Indian Medicine.

The West African government is also likely to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Maharashtra government to the institute providing Indian degrees there.

The four-members – Mr. Gregoire Laourou, minister of finance and economics, Mr. Luc-M.C. Gnacadia, minister of environment, hosing and urban, Mr. Gatious V. Akoplogan minister for industries, commerce and employment promotion and Dr. Charles Bullock adviser to the President of the Republic of Benin – met Dr. Abdul Waheed, dean of Podar Medical College.

Mr. Laourou said, “We are looking at exploring various possibilities to open new centres in our country. It is a king of a strategic partnership between India and West Africa , which will open new avenues for trade, technology and education between both the countries. Podar College is the best ayurvedic medical centre in India. Trained doctors from here will help our country open new avenues in the field of alternate medicine.”

He added, “In West Africa, efforts are on to promote a collaborative programme of treatment comprising traditional medicine with allopathy. Our country is looking to promote ayurvedic medicine as the best solution for treating chronic diseases.”

Talking about the ayurvedic centre, Dr. Waheed said, “Many countries are approaching our medical institute and we are ready to provide our services to the western countries. Ours is a 63-year-old Ayurvedic institute with specialization in Panchkarma, a form of supportive treatment with simple procedures. Panchkarma is considered the best treatment for chronic diseases.”

He added, “Podar Medical College will send a few experts to West Africa to train doctors in ayurvedic medicine.”

Before sending the doctors, a team led by the dean will visit the country to work out the details involved in starting the centre.

The Indian doctors will also visit the site allotted for the construction of the centre and the infrastructure available.