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The Growing competitions, rapidly changing technologies and the markets have changed the outlook of corporate world. Internet and mobile communication has brought the world closer. This has lead to a change from an era of competition to an era of collaborations enabling reduction in manufacturing costs, utilization of specialized expertise and skills and wider spread to newer markets.

Podar Enterprise, a group with nearly 100 years of experience in Trade and Industry provides reliable partner for the enterprising.

Driven by the philosophy of integrity, trust and strength, the group has expanded into newer fields and markets. This has enabled us to work with partners' world over for mutual benefits and helped to develop long-term relationships.

Where the vision is one year
"Cultivate Flowers"

Where the vision is ten years
"Cultivate Trees "

Where the vision is eternity
"Cultivate People, Newer Markets, Trust and Technologies"
Think beyond tomorrow today
There is no Substitute to Hardwork, Trust and Commitment"

To create a team which is capable of exploring new ideas and not simply repeating what other generations have done.

To build a team with creative approach, inventive, hardworking and committed with high morals.

To form minds, that can be critical, can verify and will not blindly accept anything they are offered.
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