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World of Opportunities
  1. A group established in 1909 having wide experience in Industry and Trade for 100 years. A well diversified organization with activities of Government Trade Houses, Advisory & Consulting, International Divisions, Housing & Sanitation, Sports Education, Education and Investments.
  2. A group that has three Companies / firms which are the official Trade Houses for the Governments - Moscow Regional Administration, Republic of Belarus and Republic of Benin.
    1. BPIL - Belarus Podar International Limited (1997)
    2. MRPIL - Moscow Region Podar International Limited (1999)
    3. IBECC - Indo Benin Economic Corporation & Co. (2004)
      The Moscow Regional Administration not only agreed to take up equity in the company and appointed the Honourable Minister of Foreign Economic Relations on the Board of the Company.
  3. A group which has successfully established a global network in over 18 countries giving it access to unlimited trade, investment and joint venture opportunities.
  4. A group whose Chairman Mr. Kantikumar R. Podar is placed in �who's who in India�
    being the First Indian President of the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Chamber of Commerce. He was also the Chairman / President of various Chambers of Commerce and Trade including the Premier Chamber i.e. Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI).
  5. A group whose Managing Director Mr. Rajiv K. Podar was delegated rights by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of Belarus and by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment Promotion of Republic of Benin to negotiate any matter concerning expanding and deepening the trade & economic relations with India. He also holds authorization / rights of several other concerns, enterprises.
  6. A group committed to charity and the society having over 37 charitable schools,colleges, management institutes, hospitals, vocational training centres etc. in India. Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation, was the first Chairman Trustee of the Trust established by Podars in the year 1921.
  7. Products group interested / dealing in: Coal, Coke, Fertilizers, Non-Ferrous Metals, Steel, Iron Ore, Manganese, Oil & Oil products, Food products, Textiles, Fabrics, Yarns, Petrochemicals, Construction Material, Wireless Equipments, Electronics�
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